Data Protection


Nothing strikes terror to the heart like the realization that you have just lost all of your computerized data.  You can restore your systems, but how do you rebuild all of the information that you had put into the machine.  Customer files, financial records, those  great web sites you found,  all are subject to just disappearing if you don’t take the necessary steps to protect them.  Additionally, your data can be stolen by those intent on raiding sites connected to the Internet without adequate protection.


Let CompTech Plus help you implement these tools to insure that your data is always available when you need it.



Minimum Protection for All Users


q       Surge Protectors  - each component of your system requires protection from power surges, brown outs, and other anomalies associated with commercially supplied power.  Make sure that the surge protector is designed to carry the load your system will offer.  Good protectors will come with a replacement warranty, should your equipment be damaged by power surges while connected to them.


q       Virus Protection  - Each machine must have virus protection software installed and activated.  Insure that your software is from a reputable vendor and that it is regularly updated for the latest virus detection signatures.


Better Protection


q       Firewalls and Proxy Servers – A firewall may be either hardware or software based and will guard your system against intrusion from the Internet.  It will provide information on attempts to break into your network, while allowing you full access to the Internet.  A proxy server stands between your network machines and the Internet and provides a wall of privacy to keep others from gaining access to your machines and your data.


Best Protection


q       Off Site Data Backup  -  This option provides for your data to be automatically sent to a remote location where it will be stored.  The data is encrypted before being sent and stored.  No one can access your data without your password, not even the vendor where it is being stored.  This option insures that the data will always be backed up, since it is done automatically.  No remembering to change disks, run programs, or other activities are required.  The data is readily available whenever it might be required.



q       Uninterrupted Power Supplies  (UPS)-  These systems not only provide power during commercial power failures.  They will also help regulate the power being delivered to your system, filtering spikes, and eliminating low voltage situations.  They can interact with your system to provide an orderly shutdown when necessary and avoiding lost data from sudden shutdowns. With increasing power shortages, rolling black-outs, and other predicted problems, good UPS systems are becoming a key ingredient in system design.



q       System Imaging – Taking an image of your hard disk allows complete restoral to your current configuration.  This is especially important when your hard disk fails.  (All hard disks eventually fail, it is only a question of when.)  You should re-image whenever a significant change is made to your system configuration (adding different hardware, adding new software systems, etc.).  Let us work with you to develop a disk imaging routine that is right for you.



Get help with any or all of these great tools for protecting your data.  Contact us today  .


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