Products and Services

q       Consulting services to assist you:

o        Define your needs

o        Identify the potential solutions

o        Specify the solution

q       A wide range of products for you to choose from

o        Computers

q       Hardware

q       Software

q       Accessories

o        Messaging Services

q       One number for voice and fax

q       Conferencing

q       Low cost long distance

o        Communications

q       Cellular services

q       Satellite TV

q       Long distance service

o        Internet

q       Access

q       Design

q       Hosting

o        Data Protection

q       Off site backup

q       Virus protection

q       Firewalls and gateways

q       Service to support your investment and keep it functioning smoothly

o        Installation

o        Upgrades

o        Repairs

o        Maintenance

o        Telephone support

q       Training

o        Hands on personal instruction

o        Web based interactive learning

o        CD and video based classes



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