New Installations

1.       Assist in obtaining new items

2.       Verify all components are received

3.       Unpack and assemble system

4.       Setup and verify proper operation

5.       Provide overview of system to user



1.       Assist obtaining new items

2.       Install new components

3.       Test out system

4.       Provide overview to user



1.       Diagnose the problems

2.       Make the corrections

3.       Test out the system

4.       Follow up to insure resolution


Routine Maintenance

1.       Run diagnostics to insure system is functioning properly.

2.       Check that you Operating System is up to date

3.       Free up hard drive space by eliminating temporary files

4.       Check that virus program is current and verify that it is being updated on routine intervals.

5.       Clean the system inside and out


Phone Support

1.       Call us with your questions or concerns

2.       Benefit from having someone as close as your phone when you have a question. 

3.       We will help you walk through your situation and get you back on the air. 

4.       If it is needed, we will come to you and provide the solution

5.       You concentrate on getting things done, not on making the computer system work.




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