Virus Scanning

Real or Hoax?

How can you determine if that latest warning is really just a hoax?  Check out this article to learn some of the tricks of the trade to spotting a hoax.


Anti Virus Programs

There are several popular Anti Virus programs available today.  They are effective only if they are kept current.  Hundreds of new virus programs hit the Web every day.  That means you must regularly update their data files with the updates that are available from the vendors as downloads. Some of the programs offer automatic updates which will monitor the vendors site and download updates as they become available.

These programs will monitor you email and interrupt a contaminated piece before it can cause harm.  It watches the full flow of information into your machine and will warn you when something that meats the profiles it looks for is seen.  You can then attempt to clean the file (eliminate the dangerous code), delete it, or quarantine it (place it in a special folder where Windows will not open it.)



McAfee offers a variety of products including Virus Scan which is resident on your machine, and The Clinic which has on line components.  The Clinic is good for those with full time connections and offers other services in addition to virus detection.  You may order the resident program through my online storefront, or the clinic through a link on my Great Links page. 



Symantec offers a full line of data protection products, including Norton Anti Virus. This program will actually redirect your email within your machine to route it through its own detection engine. The full line of Symantec products are available through our online storefront.


Trend Micro

This program offers you a free online scan of your machine.  It is Internet based and you must be connected for the duration of the scan.  Once you finish the program, you will not have any further protection.  It is not installed on your machine, but does a great job of checking your machine. Click on the name above, and you will be taken to their web site and you can run the program on your machine right now. 

They also sell a version which you can install and those who use it have been very pleased with it.


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